Uncharted – MCM Dublin 2017

I spent several years attending nearly every event I could – Collectormania, Memorabilia, London Expo, Starfury, London Film and Comic Con – but now I’m a LOT more selective with where my money and miles take me – it’s quality over quantity. Flying to MCM Dublin for a day is easy and relatively stress-free, and when it comes to Uncharted I seem to have zero will power.

For those who don’t know about Uncharted, it’s a series of games featuring Nathan Drake (Nolan North), a treasure hunter, who believes himself to be a descendant of Sir Francis Drake.  He is often joined by his mentor Sully and his wife Elena (Emily Rose), and in the fourth game he is reunited with his estranged brother Sam (Troy Baker).

I’d met all three of these guests before but I had some art prints I wanted signed from Uncharted and other games these actors had been involved in – also I just wanted to meet them again. MCM had also arranged an Uncharted panel/Q&A session which I wanted to attend. A front row seat got me some good photos.

Nolan North

Troy Baker

Emily Rose

Emily Rose

A regular stallholder at these events is Geeky Ninja, who produces original art based on games and films, so I bought a Bioshock Infinite print and had it signed by Troy Baker a few minutes later. They also designed this Uncharted print which Nolan signed last year.


Arguably Troy’s most famous voice role is as Joel in The Last of Us, another Naughty Dog game, which stands out among other survival games thanks to its characterisation and narrative. I can’t praise TLoU enough.


The guys were also doing photo shoots which of course I couldn’t resist.


It was a long day which began with an obscenely early flight full of hen parties and stag dos, but I flew home with a bag full of signed goodies and a goofy smile. Such a stark contrast to when I’ve attended some of the larger events, such as London Comic Con. MCM Ireland is much more chilled out and it’s nice to have room to breathe. It’s always healthy for me to be around like-minded people in such a non-judgmental environment.

Things I learned from the day:

  • Troy identifies a lot with Rhys from Tales from the Borderlands, especially his socks.
  • Emily has absorbed a bit of Elena’s character since playing her.
  • People are very excited about The Last of Us Part II, but no-one wants to know any spoilers.
  • Nolan doesn’t want the Uncharted franchise to become tired.
  • They all found the ending of Uncharted 4 an emotional one.
  • They’re all lovely (I knew that before).

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