There’s no denying that Venice is one of the most beautiful cities you could visit, and that’s why I’ve chosen to post some of my photos here. My experience there was less than inspiring for many reasons, but in hindsight, looking through the pictures I took there, I’ve come to appreciate how good looking the … More Venice

Wales Comic Con

I was on the fence about going to this event for months, but I recently fell back into a Walking Dead spiral so the decision was made in typical “fuck it” style. Most signing events I go to are held in soulless expo halls but this was in a University, offering an abundance of loos, … More Wales Comic Con


Until a couple of years ago I couldn’t have placed Cartagena on a map, but then I discovered it in a video game and researched it and stared at photos of it and, like a dozen other places I’ve been drawn to, knew I had to go and see it for myself. I’d never been … More Cartagena