The bio

This blog is a home for my photos, particularly my travel and events pictures, taken over the last few years on digital cameras and various iPhones.

I’m not much for oodles of text and long backstories in my posts, I’m more about the visuals and sharing the shots I’ve taken. I’ve visited six continents so far so my quest to document every trip I’ve done in the last ten years is probably a little overambitious, but in the meantime I can share some from the events I’ve attended. They’ll largely be conventions, Q&A sessions, signings, readings, panels, premieres; all from a fan’s perspective.


If anyone is reading this and would like to give me a much needed kick up the rear to create a post on a particular location, here’s the list I’m eventually going to tackle.


  • Iceland
  • Madrid & Seville
  • New Mexico
  • Bruges & Brussels
  • Cambodia & Vietnam
  • New Zealand
  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle & Vancouver


  • Peaky Blinders Premiere & Q&A
  • BFI: An Evening with Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez
  • BFI: A Touch of Cloth with Charlie Brooker
  • The X Files: I Want To Believe London Premiere
  • Outside Lands Festival, San Francisco


  • Barbican Centre Architecture tour, London
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour, London