Since working for Chicago Youth Centres in the late 1990s I’d not returned to Chicago. Except for 24 hours in NYC I’d never explored an American city before my time there in 1997 and I was overwhelmed by the architecture and the huge spectrum of what Chicago had to offer. I spent evenings in run… Read More Chicago


My main reason for visiting Morocco was to take a trip into the Sahara, so Marrakech seemed an ideal starting point and an interesting city to explore. I sought plenty of advice before booking accommodation or excursions, particularly from solo female traveller blogs, so I knew Morocco might bring some challenges. I had been advised… Read More Morocco


There’s no denying that Venice is one of the most beautiful cities you could visit, and that’s why I’ve chosen to post some of my photos here. My experience there was less than inspiring for many reasons, but in hindsight, looking through the pictures I took there, I’ve come to appreciate how good looking the… Read More Venice