Wales Comic Con

I was on the fence about going to this event for months, but I recently fell back into a Walking Dead spiral so the decision was made in typical “fuck it” style.

Most signing events I go to are held in soulless expo halls but this was in a University, offering an abundance of loos, lecture halls for talks, and a generally pleasant vibe. I bought some photoshoots in advance and only wanted a few autographs, so I was lucky to get everything done on the Saturday and travel home on the Sunday after a lazy breakfast.

I had a general entry ticket for the Saturday morning and con-companion Katie had an early bird ticket – she scoped out the layout ahead of me, meanwhile the queue outside Wrexham Glyndwr University was building up. And getting cold.


Refreshing to attend a Con which ISN’T held at an exhibition hall or hotel!
Several Negans were in line.

My first photoshoot was with Mitch Pileggi. Twenty years ago I watched my first episode of The X Files and the love has never really gone away (except for Season 10, I’m forgetting that ever happened). I’ve seen Mitch before at Memorabilia years ago, but it was time to get a better photo.

When I met him later on in the autograph hall I got this print signed. I wanted to get something a little different signed and he’d never seen this Joey Spiotto print before, so thanks, Gallery 1988!

Me with Mitch Pileggi
With Mitch Pileggi from The X Files & Supernatural at Wales Comic Con


The truth is out there…

I had time to meet some of the actors from The Walking Dead and get a few more autographs on my poster before my next photoshoot.

Walking Dead group shot. Scott said “hold my hand!” so I did.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get to see Scott Wilson or Steven Ogg before the shoot, but I did get to meet Ross Marquand and Michael Cudlitz, who were lovely. I warned Ross that I wasn’t up to date with the show so urged him not to spoil anything; he loved my print which I got from last year’s Walker Stalker Con and told me to go home and catch up with the show as soon as possible. Michael Cudlitz was great too, taking hold of my phone for some photo souvenirs.


Michael Cudlitz from The Walking Dead
Me with Michael Cudlitz
The Walking Dead poster
Walking Dead poster – filling up nicely!


A couple of other shots from the day – the wonderful Dennis O’Hare and a print I bought because I binge-watched The Punisher and loved every minute.



As events like these go, I’d recommend it and I’d definitely go again. I don’t think I’d be able to handle London Comic Con since it’s expanded into the beast it is now; I may go for one day depending on who they got. The volunteers and stewards here were friendly and helpful, and the photos were processed within a minute.

I intend (I really do) on writing up posts for my trips to Walker Stalker Con, Cartagena, Venice & Dubrovnik…when, I don’t know. Hopefully over the work holidays.

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