The Walking Dead Tours

A binge-rewatch of The Walking Dead last spring confirmed how much I really loved the show, so during the summer holidays a Michigan-based friend of mine and I agreed to meet up in Atlanta to do some of the locations tours.

I hadn’t been to Atlanta since 2003, when I spent 45 miserable minutes at the Greyhound Bus Station late one night, but I didn’t mind if I didn’t see any of the city’s historical sights this time: this trip was all about seeing where some of the iconic scenes were shot.

We booked with Atlanta Movie Tours who offered a number of different tours during our long weekend there, so we squeezed in three.


Big Zombie Tour 1 took us to some key locations from earlier season of the show, including the hospital where Rick wakes up in the first episode, the famous Jackson Street Bridge (perfect for photo ops with the city skyline in the background) and Terminus from Season 3.

Jackson Street Bridge, Atlanta – where Rick rides his horse
The hospital where Rick wakes up
King County Sheriff’s Department

Our second tour took us an hour outside of Atlanta to a small town called Senoia, which doubled as Woodbury in Season 3. Senoia is also home to Nic & Norman’s, a restaurant run by the show’s producer Greg Nicotero and actor Norman Reedus. Of course I popped in for a visit, shortly before arriving at the walls of Alexandria. We also got a peek in to Morgan’s apartment…my highlight of tour 3 was when we returned to Senoia and, since my friend and I were the only two on the bus at that point, we made a special detour and drove to the entrance of the woods where Negan and Lucille make their first dramatic entrance.

The Walking Dead cafe – I had the ‘Carol’!
In historic Senoia, aka Woodbury
Nic & Norman’s
Alexandria! We saw some crew trucks outside – they weren’t filming yet, but it was exciting to see filming prep going on
This wall appears in the opening credits of every episode. Ripe for photo ops…
Near the clearing where Negan introduces the gang to Lucille


Once Season 7 began a few weeks after I got back to the UK, I fell out of love with the show for many reasons and wrote it off. Fast forward to this week and I’m back on board for Season 8 with different expectations, great memories of visiting these locations and ready to write a post on my Walker Stalker Con experience.

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